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They say “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade". This proverb makes it sound so simple, but in real life some lemons aren’t always so easy to squeeze.

20 years ago, life gave me a lemon: a 5 hour daily commute between my home in Westhampton and my job in New York City. The journey was a necessary evil I would have to put up with if I wanted to keep my life as it was. I didn’t want to choose between my home and my job, just because of the commute. I loved my job in the city! It provided a stable source of income as well as meaningful work. But I also loved my small-town home. Living outside of New York provided plenty of indoor and outdoor space for my children to enjoy their childhood. It enabled me and my husband to take care of my aging in-laws.

However, sitting still for 2 hours on the train without getting bored is not easy. Each morning when I boarded the inbound train to Penn Station, I felt like a child being relagated to the time out chair. But when I realized that these were some of the few  moments in my day that I had control over-- I was not reporting to my boss, nor to my family, I should use the time to do something I love. My grandma taught me how to knit when I was a little girl. So whenever I knit, it triggers the sweet memories of my childhood. But who has time for that in the 21st century?

This “lemon” of a commute gave me time to brush the cobwebs off of my beloved childhood pastime. Popping in my earphones and listening to a good audiobook, I started to knit on the train.  I would knit for family, for friends, for the baby showers of co-workers…. Any excuse was a good one! People started to ask me to knit one-of-a-kind pieces with custom patterns, such as baby names or a favorite animal. Every new request was an opportunity to take on a challenge, expand my collection and hone my design skills.

As the requests started to pour in and my skills developed, I found what I enjoy the most about knitting -- the design. I love that every custom piece I knit brings the ideas of my customers to life. Each new Lulu Knits commission is an opportunity for me to touch a new family. All of my pieces are knit from cotton yarn, so they’re perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin, also they are machine washable and easy care for Mom. Whether it’s a little sweater, a knit cap, or a cute dress, Lulu Knits become woven into the life of your family as everyday art work. Today, your Lulu Knits are keeping your little babies warm, and tomorrow will become a momento of their childhood.

Now here I am, some 20 years later, finally rid of that 5 hour commute. While I can breathe a HUGE sigh of relief that the Long Island Rail Road is no longer a part of my everyday life, I don’t take for granted what it gave me. I’m still addicted to knitting, and I have so many touching stories of clients in my own life’s record. I know that when life tells you to make lemonade and gives you nothing but lemons, you just need a bit of creativity. Please enjoy the following pictures of some of my commissions, and if they inspire you, let's work together to bring your ideas to life. 



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